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At St. Mary’s University, all research involving human participants must be approved by the university’s Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects (IRB -- HS). The research proposal submission process requires that all researchers involved in the conduct of the research must provide a certification that they have taken the required training. The university currently accepts certifications provided by the National Institutes of Health online training course Protecting Human Research Participants. Researchers must submit copies of all 4 completed modules with the research proposal. Some exempt research may not require certification. Check with the Area Representative or the Chair of IRB-HS prior to requesting exempt status for your research. Researchers who have obtained training certifications at other institutions may present their credentials and request a waiver to the Chair of the IRB-HS. Certifications older than 3 years will not be accepted.

St. Mary’s researchers who received university certification prior to September, 2008, will have 1 year to become re-certified using the new training materials. Because laws, regulations, and ethical practices continue to evolve quickly in this research area, re-certification at periodic intervals should be anticipated. If your research interests typically include research with human participants, you should review current protocols and update your credentials frequently in order to stay in compliance with acceptable research practices.

To begin the course:

Please read the instructions page prior to entering the online course. You will need Adobe Reader and Flash Player, which may be installed free by following the links.
Please be certain to print the certification after you complete the quizzes after each of the four modules. Copies of these documents must be attached to all IRB-HS proposals


To view PDF files you will need to download the FREE Adobe Reader.



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