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Introduction: The 5 Phases


What do you want to learn about?


Phase 1: Grant Process

Before you try to write a proposal, you need to know grant basics. This section provides frequently asked questions about St. Mary's process for submitting a grant and how to get support for your idea.


Phase 2: Grant Proposal Writing

After overviewing the grant process, it's time to begin writing your grant proposal. This section provides information on grant-writing basics, institutional history, budget information, and grant submittal.


Phase 3: The Search for Funding

One of the most common mistakes of grant writing is looking for a funding source before you've developed your basic idea. Always start with a solid concept, determine budgetary needs, and then let the Academic Research and Sponsored Projects help direct your funding search.


Phase 4: Grant Management

So your proposal has been funded! Now what? This section provides the basic steps needed to manage your project from beginning to close.


Phase 5: Project Closure

As your project approaches its end, it's time to prepare reports and evaluate the program/project. This section provides the final forms and procedures needed to finalize your grant project.


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